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Meet our Kostka Team!
A truly intigrated team of experts that span the globe.
All of our Team members are highly skilled and specialised in each branch of Nail industry.
Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting , and substantial improvements in their performance and make easier and faster working skills.


Natasa Prah Slovenia
Nataša Prah
Main Distributor - Slovenia
I’m a 30 year old slovenian girl, born in Germany, who started her journey as a profesional nail designer, and since than I live for two things - for my family and for nail design. My mission - to show nail techs, that nail design isn’t just nail design. It’s art.
Christina Albu Romania
Cristina Albu
Main Distributor - Romania
My name is Cristina Albu, from Bucharest, Romania. I have a great satisfaction in achieving perfection and I love to change the architecture of nails.
Maja Hozjan Croatia
Maja Hozjan
Main Distributor - Croatia
Of my 27 Years of Work experience, for 23 Years I working at the Zagreb fair in the project team for the trade fairs. One of my favorite trade fair in wich I worked is Beauty days and Fitness. At this fair for the first time I learn about Nail design. Before 6 years I took over the co-organization from Zagreb fair side in cooperation with one of the most famous Nail designer of the World my Dear Kostka Bojana.
Michaela Stanovsky Jancikova Czech and Slovakia
Michaela Stanovský Jančíková
Main Distributor - Czech Republic and Slovakia
Michaela has been doing nail design Since 2004. She won several Czech and also international competitions, mostly at Stilleto, Pink & White and especially Poster category. She is a educator of many fields of nail design. “Every single thing I do in my life I do with love. I love everything which is done with thoroughness, passion and love. And because of that I am very proud that I can represent KOSTKA Professional Nail System.”

Sub Distributors / Ambasadors

Lenka Klosova Czech Republic
Lenka Klosová
Ambassador - Czech Republic
My name is Lenka Klosová, I am 29 years old and I come from Liberec. I started to do nails since 2014. Nails are part of my life and that's why I am interested not only in do nails to my clients, but also in competitions, training and more. The Kostka Nail System has been a dream for me since the beginning of the brand foundation and it is a great honor for me to be part of the team.
Darina Kozakova Czech Republic
Darina Kozáková
Ambassador - Czech Republic
My name is Darina Kozáková, I am 28 years old and I have been doing nail design since 2013. I love this job, I like to improve, I create new things and I love to use quality materials for it.That's why I am very excited about this collaboration that will make me part of the Kostka Nail System Team.
Lucia Funiakova Czech Republic
Lucia Funiaková
Ambassador - Czech Republic
My name is Lucia Funiaková, I am 30 years old and I have been doing nail design for about 8 years. I want to continue to learn and improve and therefore to be in the team Kostka Nail System is a dream come true for me.
Sabina Kavazovic Croatia
Sabina Kavazovic
Ambassador - Croatia
Hi my name is Sabina Kavazovic. I started in the nail design industry as a hobby in 2008. Now I am a owner of my own nail and beauty salon. I am very passionate about nail artistry and a proud to be a part of Kostka's team.
Antonija Govic Croatia
Antonija Gović
Ambassador - Croatia
Hi, I am Antonija Gović from Croatia. I own my beaty salon over 4 years and I love to share my passion with others through education. My love towards nail design came about 5 years ago, I can say that I live my hobby and there's nothing I would rather do. I am honored to be part od Kostka team. And that gives me motivation to invest more into my work.